The Mouth Company is on a singular mission towards enhancing oral health and dental wellbeing with our line of products. As a part of our parent company ‘L’avenour Healthcare Private Limited’ (L’avenour means ‘towards future’), we strive to bring to the market a range of revolutionary oral healthcare products and services, all of which are aimed at giving our customers a healthier style of living.

For many, it would be surprising to know just how much your oral health can affect your overall health. From initial conditions like bad breath to advanced oral diseases like mouth cancer, we have taken it in our stride to make oral health accessible to all, and as the biggest milestone of our journey. Given that most popular oral healthcare products in the market today are after intensive testing on animals, which does not justify them for human use; the Mouth Company comes with a clear objective of promoting oral health without any cruelty to animals.

Moreover, many oral care products contain harsh and low-grade chemicals too, which rather than promoting dental health can cause harm to the human dental enamel. At The Mouth Company, we have a full-fledged team of experts who care to study organic and natural chemistry. With our thorough research and testing, not only have we created a line of chemical, plastic, gluten, and animal-cruelty free products, but our creations are all IDA approved, and aspire to ensure quality oral health.

We don’t stop there. The Mouth Company takes complete ownership of oral health checks and needs and is a one-stop destination for any oral condition being experienced. Right from the right products, to identifying several oral conditions, to educating our customers about oral hygiene needs at different stages of life, we aspire to help people lead better quality lives.



The Mouth Company envisions to inspire people towards leading healthier lives through enhanced oral health through world-class oral healthcare products and know-how about preventive oral care and maintenance. We aspire to bring about a healthier ‘You’ by ensuring healthier smiles through our organic, safe, and superior-quality dental solutions and products



We are on a mission to ensure organic and safe-for-human-consumption oral healthcare products and solutions to people, Along with educating customers and visitors about several oral conditions and dental health issues by providing with the guidance on oral health maintenance and healthier lifestyle, and further making our products and solutions accessible to everyone.



The Mouth Company has designed its products with a mission of spreading healthy and beautiful smiles to lighten up the world with !


Just like every being or entity tends to function owing to the values it believes in, the foundation of our very existence is creditable to our core values. Our values are all-encompassing where we understand the need for holistic oral healthcare and hygiene and where we have embraced futuristic oral healthcare solutions. Our oral healthcare solutions comprise of patented products that are 100% safe for human use and free of any cruelty to animals. We believe that nature and organic produce have immense potential in helping mankind to live a healthy life. Based on our belief, we manufacture such products that align with our core values, assuring people of the highest levels of quality and safety across all our products and solutions. When you use our products, you can rest assured that you are using well-tested and effective oral hygiene products.


Our actions are based on rightful conduct. The entire team at The Mouth Company works through a fabric of integrity by sticking to strong ethics and committed practices.


We are keenly focused on our core strategy to enhance oral health and our research continues to be concentrated in areas significant to oral healthcare and enhancement.


We don’t believe in enhancing human health by compromising our environment and surroundings. All of our products are environment-friendly and free of any animal cruelty.


Besides our products, we believe that health enhancement and preventive care begins with customer education. Trust us to help you with optimal guidelines for great oral hygiene.


We understand that the products we’re dealing with are sensitive and have a long-term impact. We are accountable for our creations and take complete responsibility.


With our focus on being a best-in-class leader in oral healthcare providers, our research and development continue to innovate and design new oral healthcare products and solutions.

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