Brushing & Flossing




Brushing & Flossing is one of the most common recommendations that every dental patient get from their dentists. Though everyone knows the importance of it but still at times you need to consult dentists to know whether you are doing it correctly or not. Remember to brush twice a day with dentist-recommended toothpaste. Pair it up with flossing before you go to bed and limit the snacks intake. Moreover, visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleaning solution.

Understanding the Procedure

There is a specific procedure to make an approach for brushing & flossing that will ensure good oral health & hygiene. The procedure to follow are:

  • • Clean the outer area first and then reach out to both upper and lower teeth.
  • • Clean the inside of your mouth where you usually chew food.
  • • Brush your tongue every day to ensure fresh breath.
  • • Clean the inner surfaces of your teeth as well for both upper and lower sections.
  • • Floss amidst all the gaps between teeth to clear out debris and stuck food.

Planning or After Effects Preparation

Brushing & Flossing needs to be paired up with some effective after effects preparation steps for better oral care. Continue to follow right brushing & flossing techniques as suggested by dentists to maintain oral hygiene.

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