Tooth Fairy




Tooth Fairy is a game or tradition that the parents use to celebrate the first tooth loss of their child. There are many different stories that follows the tale of tooth fairy but this is used to help the kids adapt good habits with rewards and gifts. Parents usually ask their kids to keep their broken tooth under their pillow and sleep at night to get rewards. Parents usually reward their kids by saying them that Tooth fairy will reward more with better habit adaptations.


Parents usually set up a tooth fairy story for their kids when they start to lose their first teeth and it continues till, they are big and realize the fact. There are real tooth fairy polls made by the authorities and they offer around $1.50 to $2.50 for a tooth. This value is fluctuating in between these figures for 10 years. This tradition helps the children learn new dental habits and they work even in the most extraordinary conditions.


The kids experience an amazing memorable moment when they lose their first tooth. To make it even more memorable, they can get a return reward for their tooth in a form of a gift or cash. The parents can do things that they feel will help the kids learn good habits.

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