Erythroplakia is considered as an abnormal patch that is considerably red in the mouth. It is formed in the mucous membranes that might lead to cancer if not attended within time. Drinking alcohol and smoking increases the risk of Erythroplakia.

Signs & Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of Erythroplakia are red patches, gum bleeding, velvety appearance on the area, and others. These symptoms are signs that you need to visit the dentist right away.


Some of the common causes of Erythroplakia are smoking, tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption, and other such bad habits. Not only that but if you are rubbing your gums and tissues rigorously very often, then you might increase the chance of Erythroplakia.


The dentists make sure to run a biopsy of the lesion formed inside the mouth to identify the true cause of it. This biopsy will assist the dentists in knowing the true cause of Erythroplakia.


The dentists recommend that the only way by which the cause of Erythroplakia can be suppressed is by leaving the bad habits. The bad habits such as smoking, drinking, tobacco consumption, and other such habits need to be stopped.


The dentists prefer doing histopathology on the biopsy of the patient’s oral condition. This will help derive the seriousness of the disease, and they can offer an adequate solution after that. The dentists also say that Erythroplakia can also reoccur over time, so people need to be conscious about it.

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