Our logo has been consciously designed to represent a smile. When one is happy, you tend to naturally smile and that has encouraged us to adapt our logo to reflect a smile. A lot many things can hinder people from smiling confidently and openly. One of the major reasons is poor oral health and conditions. Often people suffer dental conditions which serve as an embarrassment or are painful, thereby discouraging them from smiling. L’avenour means ‘towards the future’ and we drive our research towards a better future through constant focus on health and hygiene.

Poor oral health has proven to lead to more serious health conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular problems, that can last throughout a lifetime, taking away from the quality of life people lead. A healthier mouth therefore is vital in ensuring a healthier life, which in turn can be a reason to smile. Through our logo we want to assure people that The Mouth Company is dedicated to causing more and more smiles by ensuring the best oral hygiene and care, accessible to common man. Our logo reflects our spirit.