In India, the general awareness about oral health and lack of effective dental hygiene poses to be the biggest roadblock in having good oral health. This also has been contributing to the increasing number of oral health conditions and diseases, like dental caries and gum problems and the larger worry specifically is the spike in oral cancer cases.


In India, the rate of mouth and other oral cancers is comparatively higher due to tobacco chewing. It is owing to this as well as other unhealthy practices like smoking, unhealthy diet, and lack of hygiene and care, that oral cancer cases are approximately around 30% of the total cancer cases diagnosed in India.

Once contracted, cancer is cured through invasive & painful methodologies like surgery & chemotherapy, which doesn’t guarantee recovery in every case. And hence our belief, why risk what can be prevented?

Considering these alarming statistics, The Mouth Company was founded with the sole objective of being a singular destination to educate, create awareness, & to provide effective & affordable oral healthcare solutions to the general public.


Our team’s efforts have helped us formulate superior-quality oral care products, ideal for human use and not claiming thus, by testing on animals. Our products are 100% organic, vegan & patented. We adhere to the highest standards of ingredients quality so that our products reflect that superiority & ensure oral hygiene & care. Moreover, we believe that a lot of the prevalent mouth diseases & poor conditions can be approached through preventive rather than invasive & painful dental procedures.

At The Mouth Company, we aspire to help people become conscious of the need for oral hygiene & make oral healthcare solutions easily accessible.


With substantial research, our scientists have invented formulations that provide multiple benefits to dental health. Our patented formulations that possess anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties have been tested and proven effective in eliminating unhealthy mouth conditions like bad breath, tooth decay, gum inflammations, which are the top poor conditions in oral health. Besides, our patented technology infuses herbal ingredients that have anti-cancerous and anti-precancerous properties too, and have proven to help keep oral cancer at bay. And while these are

the winning considerations for our products, they promise users with additional advantages like helping rebuild tooth enamel, natural whitening of teeth without bleach, eliminating tooth surface stains, and all of this through pure herbal concoctions, without any additives, preservatives or parabens.


There is ample research that connects poor oral health to graver, perennial conditions like diabetes, heart problems, we aspire to not only increase people’s awareness about such health risks but also present to them world-class quality products at affordable rates that can help them enhance the quality of life they lead. Our products are safe for children as well.

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