Anesthesia is a solution that is given to the patient's affected area before proceeding with any kind of dental treatment. There are different forms of it, but local anesthesia is highly preferred for most of the dental treatments. The use of anesthesia will suppress the pain condition of the mouth or the part of the mouth until the dental procedure is completed. Due to the use of local anesthesia, the patient does not sleep but remains in a conscious state. The effect of the anesthesia lasts for around 2-3 hours after the dental procedure is completed.


For giving local anesthesia to your mouth or a part of the mouth, dentists will dry the area and then apply some numbing gel in the area. Soon after that, dentists will inject the local anesthesia onto the area or gum tissue. There might be a slight sting due to the needle, but that is very minimal. After the effect of anesthesia is over, you might find it difficult to eat or talk. So, follow the instructions accordingly.

Side Effects

The cause of side effects is rare, but at times the numbness spreads to other parts of mouth than the applied part. At times, the heart rate might also increase, but these are mild conditions that can be cured by professional dentists.

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